Tips for building a quality home

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 22 Jun 18


Building & Renovation
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A house is one of your biggest investments, and when you spend such a large amount of money, you want everything to be perfect. Yet when searching for a home to buy, perfection is notoriously difficult to achieve. The best way to solve this problem? Build your own.

This is an exciting project to take on, but it requires thorough planning, good problem-solving and a lot of patience. Keep the following tips in mind when starting the process.

Plan you space properly

If you've ever had to contort yourself into an awkward kitchen cupboard, or if you've gazed forlornly at an underutilised room which houses one lonely treadmill and nothing else, well, this is your chance to put things right. Will your kitchen have enough closet space for all the strangely shaped cleaning implements you need to store? Does your bedroom really need a walk-in closet, or would the area be better used to increase space in your ensuite? Consider everything that has annoyed you about houses you've already lived in, and solve those problems accordingly.

Work with a pro

Don't try and do everything yourself. Hire a general contractor and let them gather bids, supervise workers and ensure quality control. This has huge benefits, because the contractor will have industry connections and solid relationships with plumbers, electricians and so on. These subcontractors know that they need to bring their A-game in order to stay in the general contractor's good books, so you're pretty much assured solid work.

Let there be light

Unless you enjoy living in a gloomy hidey-hole, then you're gonna need plenty of light fixtures and outlets. And let's not forget the windows - natural light costs nothing and does wonders for lifting spirits.

Find your flow

Ventilation and air conditioning are vitally important, and need to be planned carefully, especially if you're not a fan of unwanted moisture and mould. Just note: finding the right balance of good airflow that doesn't make the house draughty is work best done by the professionals.

The lay of the land

Before you even remove the first scoop of land, consider the resale value of your potential house. Are you building a large family home on a busy street? You might not find a family willing to cope with the noise. What about the other homes in the neighbourhood? If yours is shaping up to be the largest, or the smallest, on the block, it might turn out to be the hardest to sell. You should also consider the style of homes in your 'hood and try to blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Don't cut corners

When you're building a house, you want it done right. The more solidly built it it, the better it will serve your needs in the future. So be warry of builders who promise big discounts and faster turnaround times. Chances are their fast-and-loose workmanship will result in a house that looks cheap and will fall apart around you.

Take your time

It's a big step. Think about your lifestyle now and further down the line. Will you be growing a family, or will your kids be flying the coop in a couple of years? Are you an entertainer or do you prefer a bit of quiet? Think everything through. Have thorough discussions with your architects, engineers and builders and ask them to guide your decisions.

At the end of the day though, you know your needs best, so be bold and take charge - this is the best way of building a home you and your family will be proud of.