Putting the fun into DIY

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 31 Aug 18


DIY Building & Renovation
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DIY isn't always about renovating and revamping. It can also be about using old and unused items in creative ways that will add colour and value to your home, and fulfill your creative urges.

It's pet o'clock

Why turn your favourite pet photo into a wall clock? Well, why not?

Give your feet some sparkle

Decoupage with a bunch of glitter and give your old tekkies a shiny, new lease on life.

Put your name in lights

Some cardboard letters and lights are pretty much all you need to light up your home and your life.

Give your old luggage a lift

Crack out the paint and cut up some stencils to make your crusty old suitcase stand out from the crowd.

Use your head(board)

A simple piece of plywood at the head of your bed can become the placeholder for whatever art print you're feeling that week.

A litre of light

An empty bottle, filtered water and bleach is all you need to light up a dark space, without electricity.