Kitchen Trends for 2022

Posted by Easy Life Kitchens on 05 Aug 22


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Kitchen Trends for 2022

Over the past two years, we've discovered a new level of appreciation for our kitchens and ensuring that they work for us. From baking to cooking, it all happens in your kitchen. Your little ones might need a spot in the kitchen to do their homework while you cook up a storm or you might need a coffee nook where you can enjoy your coffee as the sun rises.

However, 2022 brings a new year with new design trends that we can't wait to incorporate into your new kitchen! Here are some of the design trends we have noticed come alive this year.

Pops Of Colour

Colour are on the cards this year, especially adding pops of colour to a neutral kitchen. Our homes have become our refuge and a bold colour palette can bring your personality into your kitchen while achieving a warm charm.

Natural Light

The idea behind natural light is to welcome nature with large windows over artificial lighting. Natural light highlights your materials used such as wood, quartz, or glazed tiles, and adds warmth and spaciousness to your kitchen.

Country Chic Style

Country-Chic kitchens are making a comeback and allowing a small space to have additional storage space while offering a cosy and warm kitchen.

Slab Splashbacks

Slab splashbacks are still thriving in 2022! They’re bold, clean, and give a modern look to any kitchen. They allow you to turn a wall into a statement piece and remove grout lines that make a splashback busy.

Statement Hoods

Statement hoods are big this 2022 especially when it comes to modern and contemporary kitchens. Lighter shades can be highlighted with metallic or matt accents that can easily marry well with oversized pendants.

Handle-less Doors

2020 saw numerous clients request tap to open cabinets for a sleek handle-less look. By 2022, we predicted this number will increase even more, and we're already seeing this happen! This look creates a clean and frameless feel.

Natural Materials

A sense of wanting to bring the outdoors inside has increased dramatically. Natural materials such as wood create a light, bright and airy feel.

Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions are essential. They can give a compact kitchen additional storage space and can easily organise your kitchen. With so many additional gadgets in our kitchens, the need for smart storage solutions has increased. At Easylife Kitchens Windhoek, our extensive range of smart storage solutions ensures that there is something for everyone.

Shades Of Green

Green embodies renewal and is a colour that homeowners can't get enough of at the moment. Many paint brands have deemed it the colour of the year, and we can see how hues of green will be trending in 2022.

Whether you're after all the trends or incorporating one or two trends here and there, our design consultants at Easylife Kitchens Windhoek are ready to give you the perfect kitchen!

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