COVID-19 Cashflow Relief from FNB Namibia

Posted by FNB Namibia on 23 Apr 20


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FNB Namibia is now offering three-month Covid-19 cashflow relief assistance to customers.

We have been working around the clock to come up with the best solution for customers who have been financially impacted by the virus and encourage everyone who qualifies to apply via the FNB App or to check if they qualify via Cellphone banking (USSD).

The relief will be evaluated on an individual basis.In essence, customers who are in good standing, and who experience challenges with income directly related to COVID-19 are the most likely to qualify.

Products eligible for Cashflow relief are home loans, vehicle and asset finance and personal loans.

During the three-month payment holiday, a customer will not be expected to make any installments (capital or interest) and interest will be calculated as normal during the Cashflow Relief period. Theexisting loan term will then be extended accordingly when payments commence, to ensure the value of the installment does not increase.

Customers are encouraged to download the FNB banking App to apply for Cashflow Relief – once logged on, customers can select the COVID19 button on the home screen to apply. Customers will also be required to provide evidence on how their income has been impacted, and supporting documentation should be emailed to

We are also there for those who might not qualify. These customers are requested to contact the FNB Collection teams in order to make payment arrangements on their loans.


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