Why estate living is a good way to go

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 14 Nov 18


Estate Living
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Gated communities are undoubtably on the rise in Namibia. If you're considering making the switch from stand alone to estate living, here's what you need to know.

Safety and security

Beyond controlled access, high walls and security features, an estate's body corporate can also put in measures to control vehicle movement through speed limits and speed bumps. This is great if you're concerned about the safety of your children.

Staying is caring

One of the biggest benefits of estate living is that when resources are pooled, you're able to afford features you probably wouldn't be able to in a private home... like a pool, for instance. Other shared facilities could be a restaurant, gym, and play area. Furthermore, maintenance costs to the outside of your home - walls, gardens, etc - will be taken care of by the body corporate, which amounts to significant cost savings for you.

Better value for money

Property values within estates tend to be high. One reason for this is that estate homes are usually fitted with modern conveniences. The security measures, privacy and exclusivity of an estate home also drive value up.

Every silver lining has a cloud

It's not all wine and roses in an estate, however. There are a few potential issues to be aware of before you take the plunge.

Rules and regulations

You'll have to get used to living by a set of rules not of your own making. From limits to the number of pets allowed, to noise levels, to whether or not you can run a business from your home, the body corporate decides all these, and you will have to fall in line.

A levy for your thoughts

Every month you'll be charged a levy which has been put in place to cover the costs associated with running the complex. This includes maintenance, water, refuse collection, rates and taxes, community employee salaries and more. And if a serious job needs attending to - say a boundary wall collapses - you may have to stump up a special levy to cover the unexpected cost.

The final say

At the end of the day, one can see why estate living is such a popular choice. Whether or not it's your cup of chai is only for you to say. However, if you do make the move, rest assured that the pros definitely outweigh the cons - as long as you play by the rules.