The Many Faces of Clay Bricks

Posted by Namclay Bricks & Pavers on 08 Aug 19


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Thinking of building or renovating? Then look no further than Namclay Bricks & Pavers for high quality, affordable, Namibian manufactured clay bricks.

Namclay Bricks and Pavers, started operating in Uis during 2006, when they saw the need for a locally produced brick that could withstand the harsh Namibian climate. Namclay clay bricks are suitable for various applications, and because of the brick’s strength, (maximum pressure strength of 40 Mega Pascal [MPa]) it is suitable for the erection of tall buildings with little or no re-enforced concrete structures.

The bricks are also suitable for use in double storey buildings, houses, perimeter walls, outbuildings, drive ways, courtyard and much more.

7 Reasons why clay bricks are better

  1. FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic (Dark or Rock Face)
    Clay bricks that are selected or produced for their durability and aesthetic effect deriving from non uniformity of size, shape and colour.
  2. NFX - Non-Facing Extra
    Clay bricks suitable for use, plastered or unplastered, for general building work below damp-proof course or under damp conditions or below ground level where durability rather than aesthetics is the criteria for selection.
  3. Timeless durability
    Clay bricks are good for centuries of service. In Europe there are brick buildings as old as 800 years still standing today. Modern brick-making techniques produce clay bricks that are even more durable.
  4. Value for money
    Clay bricks are inexpensive taking into account their immense durability and very low maintenance. First cost of an unplastered wall is final cost. In demand Clay brick homes are always in demand because clay bricks do not deteriorate, never go out of fashion and always look their best.
  5. Fire resistant
    The fire resistance of a building refers to the length of time a walling element is able to resist a fully developed fire. In every case, clay brick walls obtain maximum fire ratings.
  6. Insulation
    Clay bricks insulating properties. Not only do they muffle sounds from traffic and city noise, clay bricks insulate against cold in winter and heat in summer.
  7. Maintenance free
    A clay face brick house is maintenance free for life. It retains its aesthetic appeal year after year.

The MAXI BRICK is a 25 + MPa, 36 Bricks per square meter, maxi brick is a plaster or non plaster brick 340 Bricks on a pallet.

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