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Macado Technologies specialises in the videofied product, our monitoring centre is built to do the monitoring of videofied only, we currently do monitoring as far as Namibia, Botswana, Saudi Arabia and South Africa .

We are also the only company that successfully implement the fight back solution.

Currently we provide our services to various retail outlets, mines, businesses, estates and many more. Our success rate is quite phenomenal.

Macado is in the business of remote off site monitoring adding Fight Back Management®™

Fight Back Management®™ becomes a powerful tool to successfully discourage and deter criminal activity. It is a remotely deployed, pro-active, interactive measure to ensure a prompt and effective risk mitigation solution. Macado’s specialists research, design and develop our own Fight Back Management®™ solutions. It is now possible to implement remote off-Site video intrusion verification & monitoring successfully. Macado is proud to offer Fight Back technology, the most logical next step in addition to armed reaction & manned guarding.

We reduce Health & Safety risks, particularly in remote and isolated areas, where guards are unarmed and vulnerable to be overpowered.

Because we can see, we can provide a more detailed site situation report to reaction and guarding.

We are proactive and not reactive.

We want to prevent the incident from happening.

We cannot prevent them from trying, but we can prevent them from succeeding.

Macado Technologies is voted the best Videofied service provider for 2018 in Africa for the following reasons.

The Macado monitoring centre is staffed 24/7/365 and staff members are employed only after a rigorous assessment which includes, inter alia, Raven’s cognitive functioning tests and 16PF personality profiling to ensure we only employ staff who are competent to do the job. The monitoring centre is designed specifically for the Videofied systems. Multi-millions investment for your peace of mind. It’s crucial for you to work with a partner who not only has the expertise to understand security threats, but also the resources to counter them. Only an organisation with the necessary depth of resources and infrastructure can fulfil these requirements.

Macado has implemented the following business continuity Plan to ensure we render services to our customers at all time:

  • Reliable communication infrastructure: Secure, robust and reliable communication for distributed IT infrastructure. We have unmatched reliability ensuring your safety. Our monitoring centre is supplied with 4 x fully redundant high bandwidth data lines in case there are single points of failure, inter alia: 1 x dedicated microwaves links, 2 x dedicated fibre optic lines with SLA, 1 x LTE wireless router. We make use of a 2-layered PABX with multiple hunting lines to ensure quick and effective communication with reaction forces and clients.
  • We use anti-noise cancelling technology, similar to that used in airplanes and helicopters, ensuring crystal clear communication between operators and clients at all times with no background noise that might impair communication under stress situations. In addition, we deploy satellite phones as a last resort, should all else fails.
  • Best computer hardware & software: Our back-end receiver servers are configured in a cloud form high availability across 5 nodes spread over 2 properties so as to spread the risk of hardware failure and completely eliminate downtime due to system failure. Our own CLOUD behind private, highly configured firewalls.
  • Comply with the highest international standards: Our ergonomically designed monitoring centre ensures reliability when receiving our clients’ alarm signals, intervention specialist effectiveness in a stress-free environment.
  • We have 2 generators on site to ensure power is not interrupted in the event of a general Nampower power failure. The diesel generator can provide the monitoring centre with power for up to 43 days uninterrupted.
  • We monitor all our intervention specialists on a 24-hour basis to manage our standards.
  • If measured against conventional monitoring centres, we are more effective in crime prevention and currently have an apprehension rate that by far exceeds the industry average of approximately 1%.
  • We can give accurate and up-to-date reports on all events on any given site.
  • Because our monitoring centre is off-site, there is also no possibility of interference with our intervention specialists. As an off-site monitoring centre Macado is also neutral.
  • Macado offers all the above-mentioned benefits at a reasonable, competitive price.

Cell: +264 (0) 81 626 4343 I +264 (0) 81 455 7833