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About Us

Taurus Maintenance Products is a proudly Namibian company manufacturing, supplying and servicing a wide range of products for trade, industry and mines. March 2016 marked 35 years of successfully operating in Namibia.

Taurus Maintenance is Namibia’s leading supplier of cleaning products and maintenance equipment to a wide range of industries including contract cleaning, hospitality, mining, construction, health care, automotive, agriculture and retail.

Your one-stop for all your cleaning products & equipment needs. Made in Namibia by Namibians is what we go by and all our cleaning detergents are manufactured right in Windhoek, Namibia.

What's New

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Our Brands

Taurus Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance chemicals such as floor cleaners and polishes, engine cleaner, hand soaps and sanitisers, drain and toilet cleaners, dishwashing detergents, disinfectants, laundry washing powders and more.

Kärcher Cleaning Equipment
Equipment such as high pressure cleaners, floor scrubbers and sweepers, spray extraction cleaners for carpets and upholstery, and floor polishing and scrubbing machines.

Kimberly-Clark Professional*
KC Professional provides a wide range of hygiene and safety solutions through their Kleenex, Scott, Aquarius, Wypall & Kleenguard brands. This includes products such as paper & soap dispensers, disposable hygiene wipers, and paper products such as wiper rolls, hand towels and toilet tissue.

Serra* Washroom Care

Serra provides a stylish range of hygienic washroom products such as hand drying systems, wall bins, soap dispensers, theft and vandal proof toilet paper holders and other washroom accessories

A range of additives to prevent and solve problems that affect the operation of the engine. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many car problems can be resolved or prevented using chemical treatments that are affordable, efficient and easy to use.


Through their Alcolin, Bostik and Perma ranges, Permoseal provides a range of sealants & adhesives for both industrial and domestic use, as well as a comprehensive range of DIY products designed for easy everyday use.

Serra Matting Solutions

Serra Mat provides a range of hardwearing outdoor and indoor matting solutions. The right carpeting solution can help significantly lower floor cleaning costs by reducing the amount of dirt walked into a building.

Elite Epoxies & Resins

A range of leading polyurethane, epoxy and polyester adhesive and resin products for the quarrying, electrical, mining and electronics industries as well as civil and general engineering.


Herschell's specialised range of lubricants, greases, aerosols are utilised in the aviation, DIY, automotive, plastic moulding, mining, engineering, metal-working, machining and retail market sectors as a viable alternative solution to more costly products.

A range of multipurpose polyurethane based foams for sealing, filling, bonding, insulating and dust & sound proofing.

Spill Sorb Absorbents for oil, fuel, solvent, paint and acid spills caused by equipment or leakages.

Our Branches

Taurus Maintenance Products - Main Branch
28 Joule Street
Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek
Tel: +264-61-370700
Fax: +264-61-370707
Email: info@tmpn.com

Taurus Maintenance Products
10-12 Nickel Street
Prosperita, Windhoek
Tel: +264-61-370770
Fax: +264-61-370777
Email: prosperita@tmpn.com

Kärcher Center Taurus
Unit 6, Lexior Building
3414 Joule Street
Southern Industrial, Windhoek
Tel: +264-61-370740
Fax: +264-61-370747
Email: workshop@tmpn.com

Taurus Maintenance North
1320 Main Road
Tel: +264-65-222447
Fax: +264-65-222309
Email: north@tmpn.com

Taurus Maintenance Swakopmund
4805 Eliaser Tuhadeleni Street
Ext 10/New Industrial Area
Tel: +264-64-463806
Fax: +264-64-463858
Email: coast01@tmpn.com