Small decor changes that make a big difference

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 23 Mar 18


Design & Decor
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If your home is feeling a little stale and uninspired, it's time to ring in the changes. Worried about budget? Fear not: there are plenty of neat little tricks you can use to bring a fresh new look to your home without straining your wallet.

Splash out on an accent wall

Find the focal point in a room and give it a coat of paint or a lick of wallpaper. This will drastically change the mood of a room and liven it up, without costing more than a can of paint. Your accent wall doesn't have to be a bright colour either - you can also use contrasting colours such as black or chocolate brown, or splurge on patterned tiles or wood panelling.

Go for the glow

If a room is lit by one bright overhead source, give it a re-think. Try a way to add light to each corner instead, and spread an even glow around the room. Consider the four types of lighting: Natural (from doors and windows), Ambient (overhead), Accent (highlighting a room's feature) and Task (desk/reading lamps). Examine which of these your room already uses, then fill the gaps.

A new arrangement

Sometimes all that's needed is a rearrangement of furniture. Think about how certain pieces may fit together in different ways. You might even find that a piece of furniture which was wasting away in the bedroom will slot beautifully into your lounge.

On the Surface

Are your sideboards, shelves or coffee tables looking a little sparse? Rummage around for unused bottles or glassware that will compliment the furniture and style your space.

Extend a welcome

Hit the antiques shops in search of a classic, old-school door knocker and give your front door a bit of pizazz. After all, this is the first place where you can make an impression on your guests. While you're at it, consider replacing your tired old door handles.

Get organised

Keeping your books and magazines piled up in a corner adds mess and clutter that can really bring the mood of a room down. Pop in a couple of shelves and arrange your books in size order, spines facing out. The colour of the books will also add a sense of freshness to the room. Not much of a reader? Fill the gaps on your shelves with plants, photos and cute knicknacks.

A little goes a long way

As you can see, to give your home a lift, all you need is a little imagination - not a lot of money. The above ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. You can also experiment with throw cushions, move your art around the walls or change your rug. The choice is yours. And all it'll cost you is a couple of hours.