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SheerWeave® blinds. The first thing a customer thinks about is daytime privacy, or in simple terms, the ability to see out and not be seen in return. This is a great property for indoor and outdoor roller shades and it gives the homeowner the much needed privacy to enjoy that Sunday afternoon Braai without the nosey neighbour peeping in. One aspect remains though, the reverse happens at night time. How is that possible and how do you fix that?

Because of the woven nature of Sheerweave blinds, a person will always be able to see through it in the direction where the most light is, conversely one will not be able to see through from the other direction. This means that during daytime, when it is lighter outside, a person will be able to see out but not in. However the reverse is true at night, when the lights are switched on in your house, this will be the direction with the most light, so a person won't be able to see out, but someone may be able to see in from the outside. This means that, if you keep your outside lights on, you will maintain your indoor privacy.

SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty, making them the ideal window covering solution for residential and commercial spaces alike. A sleek and functional alternative to ordinary window coverings, SheerWeave effortlessly and elegantly manages the sun’s harsh heat and blinding glare.

SheerWeave filters and diffuses light while reducing glare and solar heat gain, conserving energy and helping to create a more comfortable environment. SheerWeave also helps reduce the fading of interior furnishings and flooring by protecting these surfaces from the sun’s harmful effects. And unlike many window treatments, SheerWeave allows excellent outward visibility – even when blinds are lowered – to maintain optimal views.

Not only do they offer protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun, they also provide thermal protection (meaning it reduces temperature) as it reflects some of the heat back, with the figures varying on the texture and openess of the weave.

From modern, neutral hues to subtly-textured, organic weaves in warm earth tones, these fabrics are the perfect complement to any interior design scheme. SheerWeave fabrics are also available in a variety of openness factors ranging from one to 10 percent and wide widths to cover large window openings. Simple, clean and classic, SheerWeave can be fabricated

into many different types of window treatments, and the aesthetic quality of these fabrics allows them to easily pair with other draperies and window coverings.

Sheerweave blind truly is a great product for your home or your office. Because of its high-tech excellence it is a product that won't disappoint. It is both functional and truly looks great

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