Renovating with security in mind

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 10 Jun 18


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When you think about renovating your home, you might imagine installing a new kitchen or re-doing your decking. But not all renovations are cosmetic. Have you ever thought about renovating to improve your home's safety?

Furthermore, how seriously do you take security whilst renovation work is actually taking place? The following tips should provide some food for thought the next time you succumb to the remodelling bug.


Under lock and key

If you you're building a new room or replacing your doors, this is a good opportunity to make sure that your home's biggest access points are up to scratch. Install peepholes and screw in dead bolts and you'll go a long way towards stopping burglars from simply walking straight in.

Windows of opportunity

If you're planning a job that requires the installation of windows, consider going for small sizes downstairs and larger upstairs. Try keep the windows away from doors. See if you can afford double- or triple-pane glass. And make sure each window has a lock.

Criminal minds

If you're involved in creating floor plans, think about how a criminal might spot opportunities, and then renovate accordingly. For instance, it's best to keep bedrooms on the second floor, far away from entry points. And if you have a single-storey, consider putting your rooms at the rear of the house with a single point of entry that can be blocked off at night with a security gate.


Above board

Ensure that your contractors are citified, as they are more likely to hire tried and tested crew. Knowing that they wouldn't hire problematic employees who might put their certification at risk should give you peace of mind.

Do a count

Ask your contractors exactly how many workers will be at your home on a given day, and report if there appear to be too many.

Plug the holes

As the working day winds down, check for holes. These could be holes bashed from walls to access plumbing or electricity, or to install doors and windows. Make sure these are sealed before the workers leave.

Do an inspection

Once the workers have left for the day, walk around the house and check that doors, gates, windows and garages have all been locked.


Don't let the excitement of planning, budgeting and starting renovations get in the way of your home's security. As much as this is a perfect time to update your safety features, it's also a perfect time for a criminal to pop in for an unwelcome visit.