New Year, new healthy household routines

Posted by RE/MAX on 14 Jan 19


Life at Home
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According to research, 80% of resolutions will fail by the end of February. If you’ve resolved to develop healthier habits in 2019 and don’t want to be part of the reason this statistic exists, then you might want to make a few changes to your home to make sure you’re able to reach your goals.

According to Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, the reason so many fail to see-through on their goals is that they fail to implement a plan to help them achieve these goals. “The result of spending too much time focusing on where you want to be without spending any time working out how you’re going to get there will ultimately lead you into giving up on your dreams. One of the surest ways of achieving your goals is to consult with an experienced professional who can provide you with step-by-step guide through the process. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, consult a dietician or a personal trainer who can provide you with an eating and / or exercise plan. If your goal is to lower your debt, pay a visit to a financial planner who can help you set up a monthly budget. And, if your goal is to start a property portfolio, then consult with a real estate professional who can lay out your options and help you find a property,” Goslett advises.

Beyond seeking professional advice to help you reach your 2019 goals, Goslett suggests that you could remove a few temptations from your home to help you stick to your new habits. “For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, then you need to avoid having unhealthy foods in your home. Alternatively, you need to make sure your snacks are stored somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Similarly, if your goal was to spend less time binge watching TV, then you could remove the TV from the bedroom and store the TV in your lounge in a unit with cupboard doors to hide the temptation.”

“You can also use your home to help motivate you into forming better habits. If your goal was to start a new hobby, then spend some time renovating your home to accommodate this new activity. For example, if you wanted to cycle, then set up a neat little bike rack in your garage with a hook for your helmet so that you see it every time you leave the house. If you wanted to start that novel you’ve been wanting to write for the last decade or so, then set up a writing nook that will inspire you to get working on it,” Goslett advises.

“Whatever your 2019 goals might be, we wish you luck in your efforts and hope that your home is able to accommodate your new lifestyle. If not, then I’d advise that you get in touch with a real estate professional today who can help you find a home that will,” Goslett concludes.

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