Motorised Blinds, are they worth it?

Posted by Michael @ Colorblinds on 01 Sep 20


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Motorised Blinds, are they worth it?

Are you considering motorised blinds for your home? Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of motorised blinds but feel it might be too much of a luxury to warrant the investment. At Colorblinds, we consider ourselves the leading experts in the Blinds Industry in Namibia. Below we have compiled a list of some of the great benefits motorised blinds has to offer. Equipped with this information, we trust it will help you to make an informed decision about motorised blinds, and we hope that this blog will convince you of why acquiring motorised blinds is a terrific investment for your home.


We at Colorblinds firmly believe that we can make your life a little easier, and with motorised blinds this is possible. Just think about it, no more cords mean no more fuss. Control the sunlight with a simple touch of a button. Complete control that fits in the palm of your hands. With motorised blinds it has never been easier and more convenient to open and close your blinds. Motorised blinds can also be programmed to open and close at pre-determined times, meaning that blinds will open and close without you having to give it a second thought. Motorising your blinds allows you to automate a repetitive task (sometimes in hard-to-reach areas!) that is key to the comfort of your home.


Wireless appliances are becoming the norm, just think of wireless chargers for smartphones, cordless mouse and keyboards that makes your workspace clutter free. Likewise, motorised blinds are cordless, reducing the need for cords and chains. These missing cords offer up a lot more than just convenience. Because motorized blinds are 100% cord and chain free, these potentially dangerous choking and strangling hazards are a thing of the past. Keep your children and pets safe with motorised blinds, a safe solution for all members of your family.

Aesthetic Appeal

It can be argued that few items in the home can compare with the stunning and sophisticated look a motorised roller blind can offer. Complement your colour scheme and your furniture with our wide variety of colours and designs. Motorised blinds, with its symmetrical lines, and absence of cords will help to give your home that clean and extravagant look.

Energy Efficiency

If you are interested in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, motorized blinds can go a long way to help. Opening and shutting your blinds is about much more than simply blocking or letting sunlight into a room. Put your blinds to work and realize savings when your electricity bill arrives. How?

It may feel counterintuitive to open your blinds on a hot Namibian summer afternoon. After all, you suffered through winter just begging for the sun to come out. However, what is counterintuitive is to run the air-conditioning or fan at full blast while simultaneously allowing the sunlight to flood your home. Similarly, in the winter, leverage the heat of the sun to warm your home and you may find yourself very happy with the savings! Your motorized blinds provide you with a quick and convenient way to save energy and money, all while creating a more pleasant home environment. Better yet, set an automated timer for your motorized blinds and they will do all the work for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Wake Up Naturally

Imagine waking up to the beautiful warmth of natural sunlight every morning. Well, with motorised blinds, this is possible. Simply pre-programme your motorised blinds to open at your preferred time and they will slowly open to let the light in, allowing you to start the day in a more natural and calm way.

Protects your Furniture, Art, and Floors

Motorised roller blinds, particularly blockout fabrics are designed to block harmful UV rays that can cause your furniture, artwork, and laminated floors to fade if exposed to too much sunlight. If you have a room that receives lots of sunshine, motorised blinds can help you to protect the interior of your home. Plus, automated programmes can open or close the blinds at pre-set times of the day to make sure the room is shaded when the sun is at its brightest and open again when the sun has subsided


When you leave town for vacation or a long weekend, do you ask your neighbour to feed your pets, or do you leave the television on? If you do, you are probably aware that you are taking simple yet important steps to make your home a little safer. Motorizing your window blinds can be a similar way to increase the appearance of someone being at home. When something about your home changes, be it a light or the position of your blinds, it may make it appear as if someone has recently been home. This could make it less of a target and may also prevent someone from taking an unauthorized peek. When you are away, place your blinds on a timer, or simply change the position from your smart device a few times a week. This will help deter any potential home invaders by giving the appearance that someone is at home.

Wide Range of Motorisation Solutions

When it comes to blind motorisation, we offer a few different solutions that ensure whatever your motorised blind need may be, we have it met. The motors are available in 3 types.

One motor type that runs on 220V A/C, which can be wired into a plug that simply fits into a normal 3 pin socket.

Another motor type that runs with a built in Lithium Ion battery. This motor comes with a charger, and it only needs to be charged once every six months.

Lastly there is a motor type that comes with a battery pack. Simply insert 8 AA batteries into the battery pack and you are good to go.

We trust that this blog has effectively highlighted all the benefits you can expect to enjoy with your motorised blinds. Give us a call today on 061 302 030 or send us an email to for a free measurement and quote for motorised blinds for your home !