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GFG Slasto Suppliers CC is a Proudly Namibian Supplier and Manufacturer of top quality stone products.These s tones are mined and manufactured here in the south western part of Namibia. We supply throughout Namibia, from Warm bad to Kongolo/Katima, from the Windhoek to the Coast. Our company also specializes in installing these stone and Pavers, we offer the best Craftsmanship because we have been in the industry for years. The natural stone products can be supplied either in their natural form like slasto and building stone or in the processed form for example slate tiles, riven walling slate tiles, rock face tiles and dressed building stone. We also use local materials to manufacture our Super Bricks and Rectangular Pavers to top quality.

The company was established in 2006 and has grown over the years to be become the leading supplier of Natural Stone and Paving in Namibia.

    ·In 2014 the company received various prestigious awards in recognition of its growth and excellence,

    ·2014 Gold Award for Overall Best SME - Made in Namibia Expo,

    ·2014 Gold Award for Best Mining Products: SME Sector - Made in Namibia Expo and

    ·2014 Silver Award for NMA Manufacturer of the Year 2014: SME Sector - Namibia Manufacturers,

    ·Gold Award for NMA Manufacturer of the Year 2015: SME Sector - Namibia Manufacturers


    ·Silver Award for NMA Manufacturer of the Year 2016: SME Sector - Namibia Manufacturers


    ·Bronze Award for NMA Manufacturer of the Year 2018: SME Sector - Namibia Manufacturers



Natural Stone Products are used as a Decorative application to any Building being it an office, hotel, restaurants or private home. These Natural stones are beautiful and can endure all kinds in variation in climates. It needs virtually no maintenance, and thus it can be used for creations that are meant to last. Properties which are built or have areas with natural stone are more prominent and exquisite and since people perceive natural stone to be high quality, it adds high value to any property. Below are the different areas, where natural stone can be used in buildings:

·Commercial Exterior - It can be used in building façade, curbing, streetscape and landscaping, stairs, driveways, walkways, stepping stones, retaining walls, columns, monuments, sculptures, memorials, garden pathways and garden benches, feature walls.

·Commercial Interior-Usesforcommercialinteriorofstoneincludeofficebuildinglobbies, bathrooms, floors, walls, vanities, sinks, reception areas and entryways, feature walls.

·Residential Exterior - Uses for residential exterior include pavements, patios, landscaping, trim, curbing, driveways, pools, columns, posts, stairs, retaining walls, walkways, stepping stones, garden benches, and façades.

·Residential Interior - Uses for residential exterior include kitchen & bath countertops, backsplashes, islands, floors, walls, bathtubs, showers, sinks, hallways, feature walls, fireplaces, hearths, mantles, vanities, decorative hood surrounds and entryways.

·Landscaping - Uses for landscaping include stepping stones, pathways, benches, fountains, garden trim, pavers, walkways, walls and sculptures.