Eye catching design trends

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 08 Mar 18


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Each year brings with it a new batch of global trends in home design and remodelling. This year, flexibility is the big buzzword - with so many people renting these days, furniture and decor need to be adaptable and portable.

If you're on the hunt for inspiration, have a look at what some of the world's trend forecasters are predicting, based on consumer data and research.

The rich look

Warm, rich colours are increasingly making their way into rooms, especially in the kitchen where people are growing tired of white and bland hues. Think about warm wood tones, strong neutrals like blue or dark grey, and earthy reds or yellows.

Concrete is cool

Already a staple of floors and countertops, versatile concrete is now popping up everywhere, from vases to lighting to furniture. In fact, if you can think of it, someone out there can cast it in concrete. As an added bonus, it's a lot cheaper than marble and fulfils much the same function.

Old-school lighting

Vintage light fixtures tend to be better made than modern counterparts, plus they look cool, which goes a long way to explaining their rise in popularity. They also add a different, and unique, quality to rooms in need of a boost.

Feeling plush

In terms of fabrics, it looks like plush is the way forward this year, with velvet making a strong comeback. These add a tactile quality to furnishings as well as a sense of uber-luxuriousness.

Looking up

Designers are now referring to the ceilings as the fifth wall, with loads of homeowners making bold choices with paint or wallpaper. So dust off the old stepladder and move your design aspirations up in the world.

Farmhouse chic

People have been going to town with farm-style for years, but expect a few refinements in the future with folks choosing one or two farmhouse elements - such as trough sinks and wood details - instead of going the whole hog.

Inspiration is everywhere

Designing isn't just for designers anymore. With such an abundance of resources and inspiration available, anyone with an eye for style can give their home a unique touch that reflects their personality.