DIY boredom busters over the school holidays

Posted by Standard Bank Namibia on 20 Aug 18


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If you're keen to limit the TV time and give your kids some creative inspiration over the holidays, try out these fun-filled DIY projects that will keep your kids' development moving forward.

The following ideas are simply for inspiration. To find step-by-step instructions, Google and YouTube will have what you need.

Fun with TP Rolls

Making art out of discarded toilet rolls is not only fun, it's good recycling practice too.

Handprint art

Here kids can learn that it doesn't take much effort to create beautiful art. Just a hand or a foot and some paint, and you're done!

DIY Dreamcatchers

Here's another great way of teaching recycling through creativity.

Button art

Buttons always fall of kids' clothing, so why not turn them into little art treasures?

Cardboard box car

Nothing fuels the imagination (or is easier to make) than a fun box car.

Cardboard box maze

If you've got the space, time and creativity, this one is a sure-fire winner for kids' parties.

Outdoor scrabble

Reading and learning doesn't have to be an indoor activity...

Squirt gun art

When making art is this much fun, your kids will never want to stop. Make sure to use washable paint, though!