Posted by Atmosphere on 14 Oct 21


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The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. Where you spend most of your time in the company of loved ones and create memories that make you smile. Here is how you can make this environment more comfortable and functional, without giving up on refined design and current trends.

The complex year that we have faced has led us to giving new value to certain areas in our homes, which have never seemed as fundamental for our well-being as in this period. This is also reflected in the trends in furniture, in particular for those of the kitchen and of the living area.

Larger islands

The trends for kitchen design are oriented towards large spaces that can be used by the whole family. This is also the reason that islands are now becoming larger, so that they can be used both for the preparation of meals but also to put up the computer and everything else that is required to work from home.

Less division of spaces

The time spent at home has brought out the need to have more available spaces, without unnecessary division: this need manifests itself in a less divided living area, which includes both the kitchen and the living room in a single large and bright environment.

Glass for the doors

The light returns also in another trendy element. Glass doors are used for kitchen doors, to protect objects inside while allowing you to look inside.

Wood in natural and light shades

Our craftsmanship is enhanced by the natural colors of wood, with a clear preference for lighter and delicate colors that reflect light and communicate an even greater sense of openness

Thus, it is evident that trends for the kitchen all gravitate towards brightness and the concept of large and habitable spaces. Contact us to design, manufacture and install superior cabinetry and woodcraft, reflecting the tendencies of the moment, to enhance your entire home.