Are you considering selling your property?

Posted by WKH on 10 Jun 21


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Apply for a Building Compliance Certificate as soon as possible at your local Municipality. In Windhoek, you will need to complete an application form together with a copy of your Identity Document and copy of the Municipal bill or Body Corporate account. The cost is N$ 805-35 and needs to be paid at the Municipality or via EFT. The inspector at the City of Windhoek will contact the owner for the inspection. In the event of any alterations or amendments to the plans or property, a re-inspection will have to be arranged for and paid for. The cost for re-inspection is also N$ 805-35.

All parties selling or buying property in Namibia, will have to provide a Namibian Tax Number If any of the parties (pensioner, minor, foreign citizen)do not have a Namibian Tax number, they will have to apply at the Ministry of Finance. The forms for application of a Tax Number can be obtained from the Ministry of Finance and you will have to provide a copy of your Identity document or Passport as well as a Namibian Bank account number.

Make sure your Tax Certificate and Identity documents details correspond – it should reflect all your names and surname and should be the same as on your Identity Document. If not, attend to the Ministry of Finance to rectify the detail of your Tax Certificate to be exactly the same as on your Identity document. | Windhoek +264 61 27 55 50
Swakopmund +264 64 44 31 00 | Walvis Bay +264 64 211880
Grootfontein +264 67 24 8700 | Ongwediva +264 65 22 06 37