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Enjoy the combination of a magnificent design, with the convenience of an adjustable cover.

The ALUSHADE adjustable patio awning, available at Color Blinds and Interiors, allows you to control the desired amount of sunlight and shade. The patio cover can be used in the garden, braai area or as a gazebo for a hot tub or spa.

The adjustable louvres from Color Blinds are a perfect solution to create a special place to relax and unwind after a tiring day of at work, significantly increasing your living space and quality of life during the warm summer days as well as during the colder winter season.

The adjustable patio is made entirely of aluminium including the support systems. This makes the Alushade adjustable patio cover superior to wood, iron, steel and other metal covers. You can be rest assured that your aluminium patio cover will not rust* and is not susceptible to termites and will never need to be painted. The splendour of this awning is easily restored by simply cleaning with soap and water.

The awning is constructed using the following members;

    Aluminium stringers: these are structural members that serve a dual purpose of holding the louvres, whilst providing lateral support between the gutter systems.

    Crank Gear and crank handle: installed on the middle stringer, these open or close the louvres.

    Adjustable driver motor and remote: this is a motorized alternative to open and close the louvres via a remote, for that extra convenience.

    Aluminium louvres: The are light weight louvres which provide rain and shade cover.

    Aluminium fascia gutter: This also serves a dual purpose of rounding off the unit and providing a channel for the water to run on the edges of the louvres.

    Aluminium beams: These provide structural support for the members listed above, and can either be wall mounted, or rested on a post.

    Aluminium posts: These carry the weight of the awnings and can be mounted on the ground or onto a short wall.

    Downpipe or Spout: These drain the water from the gutter system.

The adjustable awnings are coated with ColourTech G4, and advanced 4th generation polymer coating system. The coating system is long lasting, highly resistant to corrosion, anti-chalking, fading, blistering and easy to clean and maintain. The standard colour of the Alushade adjustable awning from Color Blinds is white, because this allows for maximum heat reflection and for a neutral appearance from the exterior and interior of the building. A few additional colours can be added, subject to availability.

The adjustable awnings are manufactured in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, with a production and transportation lead time of up to three weeks. Installation, on average, takes 3 working days, depending on the complexity of the site. Color Blinds and Interiors can install our aluminium adjustable louvres across the country, with most of our projects completed in Windhoek and Swakopmund.

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