Posted by Fran Taylor - EROS MANOR on 09 Jul 20


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The most frequently asked question is still… when is it the right time to move into a retirement village?

Our standard answer over the years has been and remains, sooner rather than later.

So, what if you are late 50's or early 60's, have you got a retirement plan? Have you considered activating your plan whilst you are still working and still physically more active than you will be in 10 years’ time.

Perhaps your frame of reference of a retirement village is that it is an old age home, and full of old people? That you are far too young to live in a retirement village? Or that you can’t afford it.

Let me try and change your mind.

Eros Manor Retirement Lifestyle Village has brand new, contemporary apartments for sale. Our village is a young at heart and vibrant community. Walking, swimming and doing your circuit in our private health gym are all favourite pastimes. You can be as sociable or as private as you want to be.

A typical day at Eros Manor might start with an early morning walk through the village. A walk will take you along the paths lined with colourful gardens, birds and bird song as the morning sun breathes life into the day.


Pick up your newspaper from the Bistro and a quick coffee whilst you catch the news headlines. Have a look at the midday lunch menu and book your meal.

The rest of your day could be filled with a trip to your office, meetings, swimming, a visit to the health gym, meeting up with friends on the patio. There are 2 general practitioners and a pharmacy on site. All these on-site amenities save you time which means you have more time in the day to spend on your hobbies or interests. It also means you don’t have to drive.

Three forms of security have always been a priority for a retiree; Financial, Health and Physical Securities. Living in a retirement village provides all three of these. We all have different priorities but essentially all three of these securities give peace of mind. Financial Security comes from our controlled levy scheme, Health Security is provided by our 24/7 Care Team, Assisted Living and Frail Dementia Care already in situ and Physical Security comes in many forms from community living with a good buddy system, trained security manning access points, patrolling the perimeter, a good solid boundary wall with and electric fence and cctv. Yes, it might sound like fort knox but when you start to enjoy the freedom, fort knox becomes quite attractive.

Living with like minded contemporaries, is very appealing. Loneliness is one of the unspoken dreaded diseases.