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by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 11 Feb 20

This year will have homeowners green with envy by the predictions of major paint brands who have chosen a shade of emerald green as their Colour o... Read More

Eros Manor Retirement Village

by Property News Namibia on 30 Jan 20

Have you ever considered living in a residential hotel where everything is taken care of for you, from meals, housekeeping and laundry to 24/7 nur... Read More

NEO Paints - Who we are...

by NEO Paints on 16 Jan 20

WHO WE ARE For over 65 years NEO Paints has been creating a Namibian legacy of personalised paint solutions that blend quality and innovati... Read More

THE government has finally given the green light to the Bank of Namibia's initiative to loosen up the property market by reducing the size of dep... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 27 Nov 19

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announced today that the prime lending rate will remain at 10% and the repo rate at 6.5%. This follows from a p... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 12 Nov 19

The large numbers of attendees at the annual Property Show in Johannesburg highlighted the hunger of many first-time buyers who were willing to giv... Read More


by Gerdi Fullard on 22 Oct 19

Welcome to Prospect Pool Products CC! We have been supplying the pool industry of Nami... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 08 Oct 19

Selling a property for the full asking price can be challenging, especially within the current market where supply far outweighs demand. Everybody ... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 03 Oct 19

Especially in today’s economy, it is not always affordable to own a home with a bedroom for each of your children. According to Regional Director... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 03 Oct 19

Sectional title living has become a very popular option for those living within South Africa. The added security of staying within a gated communit... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 18 Sep 19

The average size of full title stands is shrinking at a much larger rate than the average size of buildings, which means that homeowners are more w... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 05 Sep 19

HOW OFTEN TO UPDATE YOUR HOME Sellers are not the only ones who need to worry about updating their property. All homeowners ought to be upd... Read More

The Many Faces of Clay Bricks

by Namclay Bricks & Pavers on 08 Aug 19

Thinking of building or renovating? Then look no further than Namclay Bricks & Pavers for high quality, affordable, Namibian manufactu... Read More


by Nina Maritz on 30 Jul 19

GBCNA & WHAT IT MEANS FOR NAMIBIA In Namibia, large corporate clients and international funding agencies are beginning to insist on goo... Read More

Government Tightens Control Over Urban Land Ownership

by Property News Namibia on 27 Jun 19

The government will introduce strict verification mechanisms to control the ownership of residential land in informal urban areas. The direct... Read More

Namibia expects to attract $1 billion worth of investments

by Property News Namibia on 27 Jun 19

Namibia is to host a two-day economic summit which is expected to attract at least $1 billion worth of investments over the next two years, the Min... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - REMAX on 24 Jun 19

In this age, the statement ‘You can do whatever you put your mind to’ is no longer just an inspirational quote, but an achievable goal. Thanks ... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - RE/MAX on 13 Jun 19

With the cost of living skyrocketing each day, most fathers would probably be the first to welcome the idea of a fun day spent with his children a... Read More

New Space, Same Service

by Colorblinds on 12 Jun 19

Colorblinds has embarked on a new adventure by moving to 189 Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Southern Industrial, Windhoek. We invite you to come ... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - RE/MAX on 29 May 19

There is a widely held perception that property sales slow over the Winter period along with reservations at rooftop bars and sunset cruises. But, ... Read More

Rent charges drop in 2019

by Charmaine Ngatjiheue on 24 May 19

The FNB Namibia rental index has shown that rent prices have dropped as of March 2019 The index stood at a -5,2% during the review period. ... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - RE/MAX on 22 May 19

The widely held misconception is that real estate agents charge exorbitant fees for doing what most assume to be very little at best. However, if ... Read More

Namibia’s overall rental prices per square metre have increased steadily year after year despite the fact that the sizes of properties rented hav... Read More

Trustco Properties Eliminates Transfer Fees

by Property News Namibia on 16 May 19

The property management and development subsidiary of Trustco Group Holdings (TGH), Trustco Properties, has announced that it will settle the trans... Read More

FNB Residential Property Report - March 2019

by Ruusa Nandago on 15 May 19

Annual property prices growth remains subdued Key Highlights House Price Index down to -1.0% y/y Volume index continues to ... Read More

Annual house prices contract for the first time since 1996​

by Daniel Kavishe - Economist on 14 May 19

FNB Residential Property Report December 2018 Property prices continued contracting aggressively across the country towards the end of ... Read More

Property prices remain subdued in early 2019

by Ruusa Nandago on 14 May 19

When looking back at the past quarter - on which the latest housing index is based - residential property prices continued to contract, like they h... Read More


by Madeleine Truter - Setso Property Fund in Johannesburg on 08 May 19

The phrase ‘fair wear and tear excepted’ is commonly used in lease agreements. It is, therefore, essential to understand what the phrase really... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - RE/MAX on 06 May 19

Just about everything can be done online these days, from inter-continental board meetings to ordering groceries and even finding love. However, pu... Read More

Houses set to be constructed in Windhoek

by Construction Review Online on 02 May 19

Namibia is set to construct and upgrade houses in Windhoek’s informal settlements. The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) spokesperson Eric Lib... Read More


by Donald Matthys - Namibia Economist on 23 Apr 19

Well-known Windhoek estate agent, Gretha dos Santos, this week scooped the title Estate Agent of the Year for her performa... Read More

Pet-proof your Garden

by Kayla Cloete from Remax South Africa on 12 Apr 19

PET-PROOF YOUR GARDEN The average plot size of new properties is ever-shrinking which makes a neatly manicured back-garden one of the biggest... Read More

It is important to go through your insurance policy carefully, making sure you understand what the clauses, terms and conditions mean and what you... Read More

Shopping Centre trading density shows signs of growth

by Property News Namibia on 31 Mar 19

Shopping Centre Investors and developers are having to adapt to a tough retail trading environment but there are signs of improvement. ... Read More

Children no ground for rent refusal

by New Era Live on 31 Mar 19

Children cannot be a basis for a landlord to refuse a tenant to rent their place, says a provision in the largely defunct Rents Ordinance of Namib... Read More


by Kayla Cloete - RE/MAX on 20 Mar 19

Bringing a touch of the outdoors inside a home can do wonders for uplifting the atmosphere of the space – especially as we head towards Autumn a... Read More

1590 Housing units to be constructed in Swakopmund

by Property News Namibia on 14 Mar 19

The Swakopmund Municipality has availed land for the planned construction of 1590 social and debt-financed houses at the coastal town, to ease the ... Read More

The Development Bank of Namibia's chief executive officer, Martin Inkumbi, says once Namibians are able to acquire affordable housing, they may be... Read More

Can’t pay your bond? Speak to your Bank!!!

by Poenie van den Berg - WKH Legal Practitioners on 27 Feb 19

Due to general increase in the cost of living, home owners and property investors are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with their home ... Read More

When it comes to property, it’s not the size of the room that counts, but what you’re able to do with it. According to Regional Director a... Read More

The Ministry of Land Reform has issued 1 254 land tax assessments on request as per the revised High Court interdict of May 21 last year, translati... Read More

Namibians have reason to feel somewhat pleased about their economy. A leading economist says Namibia can expect a 1.5 percent positive growth in t... Read More

5 Unexpected Costs on Property Sales

by RE/MAX on 23 Jan 19

As counter-intuitive as it might be, selling a property can be quite an expensive exercise. While some of these expenses can be offset against the ... Read More

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

by RE/MAX on 16 Jan 19

It might be tough to fight the urge to reach for the bug spray the very moment you spot anything with more than two legs crawling in your home, bu... Read More

According to Stats SA, there were 18,491 civil judgements for debt in September 2018 amounting to R291,1 million. The largest contributor to these... Read More

According to research, 80% of resolutions will fail by the end of February. If you’ve resolved to develop healthier habits in 2019 and don’t wa... Read More

Saving holiday guests from a ruff visit

by Kayla Cloete on 05 Dec 18

Preparing your Home for Pet-Phobic Visitors Your mother-in-law glares at you from the opposite end of the table, her white Christmas dress no... Read More

The chicken or the egg dilemma

by Kayla Cloete on 02 Dec 18

Sell first and begin your house hunting thereafter, or house hunt first and sell your house thereafter? To work out the answer to this dilemma, you... Read More

Negotiating with negligent neighbours

by Kayla Cloete on 24 Nov 18

What to do when your neighbour’s home is devaluing your property Much like how that one scuffed dining room chair will lower the value of... Read More

We are all but a few clicks away from thousands of online property listings of every shape and size. But, after long nights of swiping through list... Read More

Ways your home could help your children pass

by Kayla Cloete on 19 Nov 18

While November has adults stressing about end-of-year deadlines and whether we’ve done enough to make our Christmas bonuses, the month has our yo... Read More

Why estate living is a good way to go

by Standard Bank Namibia on 14 Nov 18

Gated communities are undoubtably on the rise in Namibia. If you're considering making the switch from stand alone to estate living, here's what yo... Read More

Bug-proofing your home

by Standard Bank Namibia on 05 Nov 18

Criminals are not the only home invaders you need to worry about. Insects and other pests can wreak havoc without you even knowing about it! ... Read More

Protecting your property from mother nature

by Standard Bank Namibia on 19 Oct 18

Apart from the searing heat, the weather in Namibia can be fairly benign. But coastal storms, heavy thundershowers, lightning and accidental fires... Read More

Safety doesn't happen by accident

by Property News Namibia on 09 Oct 18

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent. Going on a well deserved holiday this festive season? Be sure to prot... Read More

Out with the old in with the new

by Property News Namibia on 26 Sep 18

Homeconomix and Officeconomix have embarked on an exciting new venture. Moving to their new home, the Black House in Prosperita. According to... Read More

Why taking a holiday can be the true test of a business

by Property News Namibia on 14 Sep 18

A surefire way for entrepreneurs to do a health check on their business is to plan a holiday. This is according to Gerschwyne van Wyk, Country Mana... Read More

Domestic housing market shows early signs of recovery

by Property News Namibia on 07 Sep 18

The housing bubble continues to deflate with a local analyst expecting prices to contract further by 5.8% this year and another 1.2% next year. Th... Read More

Putting the fun into DIY

by Standard Bank Namibia on 31 Aug 18

DIY isn't always about renovating and revamping. It can also be about using old and unused items in creative ways that will add colour and value ... Read More

DIY boredom busters over the school holidays

by Standard Bank Namibia on 20 Aug 18

If you're keen to limit the TV time and give your kids some creative inspiration over the holidays, try out these fun-filled DIY projects that will... Read More

Ed Hatch in Windhoek

by Property News Namibia on 02 Aug 18

Whether it is mastering the art of negotiation, designing a proactive, purposeful, forward thinking business plan or creating an effective perso... Read More

How to clean drinking water

by Property News Namibia on 17 Jul 18

As Namibians we all know the perils of getting clean drinking water in towns and suburbs. There are many ways of cleaning your water for every... Read More

Atmosphere's new showroom launched

by Property News Namibia on 13 Jul 18

Established in 1999, Atmosphere has been rooted in Namibian homes and businesses for almost 20 years. Their passion for design combined with mode... Read More

House prices fall again

by Josephat Nambashu on 06 Jul 18

FNB Residential Property Monthly | March, 2018 House prices contracted for a third straight month in March by 8.8% y/y, the six... Read More

Make your home enviro-friendly

by Standard Bank Namibia on 05 Jul 18

Going green isn't really a choice anymore, but a necessity. There are simply too many of us on this planet and we're steadily running out of resou... Read More

Follow these 10 workplace security tips to secure your office from internal and external threats and you could save on huge losses. ... Read More

New tariffs for municipal building compliance inspection in Windhoek

by Dr Weder, Kauta & Hoveka Inc on 04 Jul 18

As from 1 July 2018, the Building Control Department of the Municipal Council of the City of Windhoek informed residents that compliance inspection... Read More

Tips for building a quality home

by Standard Bank Namibia on 22 Jun 18

A house is one of your biggest investments, and when you spend such a large amount of money, you want everything to be perfect. Yet when searchin... Read More

Make working from home work for you

by Standard Bank Namibia on 18 Jun 18

More people are working home than ever before. This means that many of your remote-working colleagues are shuffling around in their slippers whilst... Read More

Home buyers are much older than in the past

by Property News Namibia on 18 Jun 18

According to FNB data just released, in 1980 the average home buyer in SA was 38 years old. Increasing to 40 years in 2008 and 44 years toda... Read More

Renovating with security in mind

by Standard Bank Namibia on 10 Jun 18

When you think about renovating your home, you might imagine installing a new kitchen or re-doing your decking. But not all renovations are cosmet... Read More

Property staging is the act of preparing a property before it enters the real estate market. The way we live in a property and the way a property s... Read More

Get more out of life by living with less

by Standard Bank Namibia on 10 May 18

We all know it: life is hectic. It seems that the harder we work, the more we buy, the more complicated our lives become. Living in a house that's ... Read More

FNB Realtors Club Gala award winners 2018

by Gerdi Fullard on 23 Apr 18

Congratulations to the following Realtors and Estate Agencies who were awarded for their outstanding performance at the annual FNB Realtors Club... Read More

Risk considerations for your business property

by Standard Bank Namibia on 18 Apr 18

If you own or rent a commercial property, you need insurance. It's as simple as that. From offices, shopping complexes, industrial factories and wa... Read More

Property law and the role of the conveyancer

by Gerdi Fullard on 06 Apr 18

Property law touches on something very basic and emotional: our rights to own, enjoy, use, and dispose of real and personal property and we want t... Read More

Small decor changes that make a big difference

by Standard Bank Namibia on 23 Mar 18

If your home is feeling a little stale and uninspired, it's time to ring in the changes. Worried about budget? Fear not: there are plenty of neat l... Read More

Eye catching design trends

by Standard Bank Namibia on 08 Mar 18

Each year brings with it a new batch of global trends in home design and remodelling. This year, flexibility is the big buzzword - with so many ... Read More

7 Tips for successful property management

by Standard Bank Namibia on 22 Feb 18

Investing in properties is a wonderful way to secure a future free of financial worries. Of course, as with everything in life, it does come with... Read More

FNB Housing Index

by Josephat Nambashu on 15 Feb 18

FNB Residential Property Monthly - June, 2017 Highlights for the month Average house prices up 6.4% annually to N$1,199,000 Demand... Read More

Investing in stocks? Homework is everything

by Standard Bank Namibia on 14 Feb 18

Of the many methods available for investing your money, buying stocks provides one of the highest potential returns. If you’ve made the decisi... Read More

Budgeting basics to start your year

by Standard Bank Namibia on 09 Feb 18

A lot of us keep our budgets in our heads. Your internal dialogue may be something like: "The car costs this, the mortgage that, insurance works... Read More